Math & Pirates. Read Time

OS X 10.6
Learning can be fun! Do you like the battleship game? If so, this app is for you! The app has 12 adventures missions, in which you play a pirate, completing quests finding cannon shots on a magic island. Do not fail once and get more cannon shots! Math & Pirates. Read Time – is an educational iPad application which teaches children to recognize fractions, to read time, to solve mathematical expressions ( addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Features: • 3 educational games in one: mental arithmetic, learning to read clock, learning fractions • 4 difficulty levels • Over 1000 examples of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division • Time accurate within hour, half an hour, 15 or 5 minutes depending on the difficulty level • Lively music and sounds effects Application for Elementary School - Recognize fractions, Read time, Addition, Subtraction. Recommended ages: 6-10 years old.