Matrix Calc – A Freeform Matrix Calculator

OS X 10.11
Matrix Calc should be useful to students of linear algebra or those needing a matrix calculator that allows for freeform data entry and then does the grunt work of making it look pretty. Matrix calculators usually require you to specify the dimensions of your matrix; then generate a grid of cells; then require you to fill in the cells by clicking or tabbing. I wanted a calculator that was faster and would just let me type in a blank box with spaces or tabs between my columns and returns between my rows, so I created Matrix Calc. Available operations include: Determinant, Trace, Inverse, Transpose, Upper Triangular, Lower Triangular, Minors, CoFactors, Adjugate, c*A, A + B, A - B, and A x B. Output can be represented in a "pretty" format (a neat grid) or in a list format suitable for copying-and-pasting into a program like Wolfram Alpha.