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mColorDesigner is a smart color scheme / palette generator. Features: * Unique Color Picker lets you locate and pick colors from Munsell color space * Instantly created harmonious color schemes based on: - Munsell color system related color harmony rules; - Hue-Tone systems (JIS/ISCC) related color harmony rules; - General color harmony rules such as Analogous/Complementary/Split-Complementary/Triad/Tetrad/Pentad/Hexad * Interactive Color Wheel to visualize colors based on scientific harmony rules * Smart Color Mixer generates smooth gradation from one color to another * Get color palette from image through the Color Quantizer * Preview colors in preset templates or real webpages * Store and manage color schemes/palettes in .mcp documents * Store and manage color gradients in .mcg documents * Easily view and copy color codes in Munsell/RGB/HSB/Hex/CMYK/Lab formats * Convenient Photoshop connect: change foreground color in PS instantly, right click to add color swatch(s) to PS