McTab for Gmail

OS X 10.11
Better, faster and more convenient way to use Gmail on your Mac. New! Set up custom password, so no one else can access your MailTab, but you. Secure as never before. New! You can also access Google+ and Google Photos. Enjoy unique and extra features that are not available anywhere else. 1. Securely login to your email without launching the browser 2. Send and receive emails from your friends, family and everyone else 3. Built-in access to Google+, Photos and other services 4. Minimalistic stylish design that doesn't clutter your screen 5. Start a new message without launching any email clients or browsers 6. Built-in smart search that quickly finds the necessary emails 7. Upload attachments faster than doing it from the web 8. Upload and share both big and small attachments 9. Access Google+ without launching the browser 10. Create new folders, filters and labels to better organize your mailbox 11. Import messages from your Google+ circles 12. Sync your contacts to find and add them faster 13. And much more With the new MailTab for Gmail sending and receiving your Google mail is faster than ever before. You'll save a lot of time, get more productive and most probably happier.