Memory Doctor Pro – Boost & Free Memory – Cleaner, Optimizer & Diagnose

OS X 10.10
*** Discounted to $0.99 (90% off) as part of MacAppStoreSale *** *** Sign up for more $0.99 deals at *** ******** DISK CARE ALSO DISCOUNTED TO $0.99!! Highly rated, powerful & beautiful memory app. Memory Doctor is the fastest way to clean memory (ram) on your Mac. With a powerful & Yosemite inspired interface, your Mac will be optimized especially when cleaning after using an intensive app or game. • Fastest memory cleaner for Mac • Menu bar tab with free memory displayed • Auto-clean memory at a certain level • HotKey to activate app & clean memory • Get info on memory usage • Next-gen Yosemite inspired interface • and more! Note: When you clean your Mac's memory through Memory Doctor, Memory Doctor requests the max amount of memory and then frees up the memory just as quickly. We recommend closing intensive apps while cleaning. While cleaning on older Mac's, you may notice a brief slow down period as your memory is being optimized.