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Adding metadata to your video files has never been easier. MetaDoctor is the ultimate video metadata editor for your .mp4, .m4v, and .mov video files. Specially designed to work with iMovie and iTunes, tags, cover art, and chapters can be edited easily and efficiently in a single convenient window. Edit the video file metadata with MetaDoctor, import into iTunes, and enjoy your home movies on your Apple TV complete with descriptions, art work, and chapters. Adding chapters with other metadata editors requires manually entering time stamps, or copy and pasting the time code from another app, a cumbersome task. Not so with MetaDoctor. Use the video window to scrub the video to the desired time point in the video, click a button, and the chapter is automatically inserted at that exact time. No copying, pasting, or typing. Changing chapter times is just as easy. MetaDoctor Pro includes several additional advanced features. Metadoctor Pro can copy the metadata from another video file, a great feature for quickly adding metadata to a video file that has been edited in iMovie, for example when additional video footage is added. Quickly add chapters at any desired interval using the chapter generate function. MetaDoctor Pro can also scan the video for chapters. Cover art can be set from any frame of the video with one click. Batch mode feature allows editing of multiple files simultaneously. MetaDoctor Pro also includes TMDb and chapterDb lookup of metadata for your purchased content. MetaDoctor Pro is an advanced multi-threaded application that takes advantage of multicore processing and the latest macOS technology to provide the highest level of performance. Multi-gigabyte video files are loaded and written nearly instantaneously.