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TVU Anywhere™ TVU Anywhere™ enables broadcasters to transmit broadcast-quality live HD video from a laptop or portable iOS device. Simple to use, TVU Anywhere™ is easily downloaded onto any compatible device and captures and transmits live HD video of interviews and breaking news events. TVU Anywhere™ works with a broadcaster’s existing TVUPack™ receiver, giving broadcast organizations a powerful newsgathering tool that fits within their existing TVU ecosystem and workflow. Download and open the TVU Anywhere™ app on any Internet connected laptop, tablet or mobile device and start transmitting live video. Key Features of Anywhere™: • Transmits live HD video at low latency • Aggregates cellular, WiFi and Ethernet network connections to H.264 video at up to 10 Mbps • Supports built-in webcams, USB cameras and any type of HDMI/SDI-based professional camcorders • Supports multiple resolutions and frame rates TVU Anywhere™ is not a standalone application and requires access to the TVUPack™ receiver. To learn more about TVU Anywhere™, please visit