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Mia for Gmail

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A desktop Gmail email client for your Mac, without a browser ! "Mia for Gmail is a fine replacement for Google’s dearly departed original" - Andrew Hayward (macworld.com) "The Gmail app I was waiting for !" - Eric (mac4ever.com) * Read and compose your emails without a browser (attachment files supported). * Labels selection. * Quick email overview (hold your mouse over an email) * Desktop notifications for incoming emails (10.8+) * Fast and lightweight * Secured: Mia for Gmail is using the oauth 2.0 protocol. * Mark as read, delete, archive or spam directly from the application. * Dark mode support. * Choose the notification sound (among the system sound list) * Choose your default browser for each account (if ever you prefer to read/compose your emails from your browser). Premium version features: * Search in your emails. * Multiple accounts support. Note: Mia for Gmail is a 3rd party application for Gmail.