Microspot DWG Viewer 2

OS X 10.10
With DWG Viewer our main focus is to provide a fast and easy to use solution to opening your DWG files, annotating and converting/sharing them as a PDF file. DWG Viewer gives a clean and easy to use modern interface, bringing speed and power to your viewing experience, combined with a set of useful tools to make navigating, measuring, annotating and working with you DWG files easier. Key Features: * Full macOS High Sierra compatibility brings all the power and efficiency of the latest macOS. * Automatic opening of DWG files * Precise File Opening (you can still define the scale and units if you want to) * Load the layouts and model space from within the current document. * A snapable Measure tool for measuring between two points on the drawing. * Implemented the new Cocoa text engine for rendering and editing * Use of the system text engine for spell checking * Access to the macOS text panel for fonts, styles etc bringing a more familiar and modern approach to text. * Tool Palette including Text and Ellipse tools for annotations * The Attributes Palette allows you to fully customise your annotations with fill and stroke colors, line weights and line styles * Tab Bar for viewing your documents in one single window. * Open, view and annotate MacDraft (md60) documents. * Save your annotated documents as ANN files for editing annotations later. * Share facility for sharing files using the system share technology. * Manually enter your own zoom percentage or use the zoom tool. * Modern and beautiful interface using a dark HUD (heads up display) style making it easy to navigate and work with. * Autosave capabilities * Export to PDF * Retina ready * Full Screen Support Compatibility: * Open and apply annotations to DWG, DXF or MacDraft (MD60) files. * Export to PDF * Save as an editable annotation file (ANN) * Share your files with the Mac System Share function built into the app Minimum System Requirements: * Any Mac running Mac OS 10.10.5