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MIDI is an essential part of modern music recording and production; it links together DAWs, sequencers, synthesizers, and more. With MidiTV, the Power Trio development team brings MIDI support to the Apple TV. MidiTV Host provides a WiFi MIDI connection between your Mac and an Apple TV (running MidiTV compatible software). The Apple TV does not have built-in CoreMIDI or a USB interface; MidiTV Host bridges the gap. With apps like MidiTV Orchestra, you can play synthesizers on the Apple TV using any MIDI source, and have the audio from the Apple TV routed through your stereo equipment. You can also use apps on the Apple TV to remotely display the beat and measure of your desktop DAW. If you wish to connect your iOS devices to the Apple TV using MIDI, you can use musicIO; support for MidiTV connectivity is built in. musicIO is an innovative iOS app, providing low latency MIDI and audio connections between your iOS devices and either a Mac or a PC, using only an ordinary iOS sync cable. There are hundreds of uses for MIDI; with MidiTV Host, you can now connect all of your MIDI applications to the Apple TV.