Mika “Boom” Spin – wrecking ball bulldozer for kids

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Boom-boom! Our good little destroyer is ready for action. Time to start the engine! This is a bulldozer driver sumulator game for children aged 3-6! A big construction project is about to start in Cube Town but the houses are in the way, and this is the perfect time to take them apart. Our bulldozer will help us do that with its rotating wrecking ball. The bulldozer dashes around, spins happily, and demolishes even the toughest houses with its ball. Just drag it in any direction, press the buttons, and your tractor will move forward on its mission. You will need to drive around town and destroy all buildings and objects along the way. Description Simple controls: Click and pull in any direction and the bulldozer drives. Bulldozer functions: rotate the ball in any direction, blow the horn, turn on the rotating beacon, and rev the engine while blowing the horn. No rules - play however you want. You can ride as much as you want. Simple interface for children.