Mini keyboard

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Use one hand to write on you mac with one language or many !! NOTE: This app won't work if you install it from here , please download it from . This small menu app will help you to replace your mac keyboard with you iOS device keyboard!! and utilize the more functionalities you gain from it as : 1. switching between languages 2. using emojis simply 3. One hand of course 4. shortcuts with one hand :D 5. Faster I made this app to help you in cases you want to use your normal keyboard functionalities without being attached to the big hardware keyboard you usually use , or you are typing in any languages that your keyboard does not support or at least has no printed letters on it !! .. Mini Keyboard has a verity of hotkeys.. you get the command,control,option,and shift , so you can use hotkeys as usual like CMD+t to open new tab on safari .. It has also the 'tab' and 'esc' buttons .. And never forget the Arrows they come in handy in presentation to flip slides for example .. This is a small menu app that can run on login so you don't have to worry about running it again every time you want to type something . You need to download the Mini Keyboard iOS version. Keep in mind that the iOS device and the Mac OS running this app are on the same network .. AND HAVE FUN :)