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moccanote helps you capture and organize your ideas and thoughts. With moccanote you can do both: Write simple notes or even record complex ideas. The clean and streamlined interface lets you focus on what is really important: your thoughts and ideas. Integrate moccanote into your workflow and you will be amazed how organized and productive your day becomes: • Create a new Entry in your Inbox to capture a thought and get back to it later. • Place a Focus on multiple Entries to keep an eye on the most important notes. • Organize your Entries in Stacks to easily keep track of different contexts, projects and categories. Would you like to share your Entries between your devices? Activate iCloud and sync your data effortlessly across your Macs, iPhone and iPod touch (app sold separately). Key features: • Quickly save ideas, thoughts & notes • Clean and straight-forward interface with multi-selection and drag & drop functionality • Organize your Entries: Inbox, Stacks and Focus • Attach photos to Entries • Print multiple Entries at once • Export to PDF & Plain-Text • Write HTML & Markdown • Use the advanced search to always find what you are looking for • Collaborate by using moccanote's own file format • Create & restore backups • Sync your data with iCloud Visit our website for more information on moccanote for Mac, iPhone & iPod touch: