Mocha Keyboard Lite

OS X 10.9
Mocha keyboard turns your Mac computer into a cable free Bluetooth keyboard, which can be used with a phone or tablet. Save time and type much faster. Use text from the Mac OS X clipboard, or type text direct to your phone from your large Mac keyboard. The text will appear without delay on your phone. The free lite version does not include the backspace key function. Features: - Write SMS, Twitter or any text faster on the phone. - Can handle any number of devices. Just select another device from the easy to use menu bar. - Copy text from a Mac document to the device, using the clipboard copy/paste functions. - Use special keys on your phone, such as ctrl+c and command+c. - Any keyboard language is supported. Just make sure to use the same language settings on the Mac and the phone. Requirements: - Mac OS X 10.9 or better.