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Organise Your Memories Are your photo and videos "all over the place"? Is your hard disk filling up with photos and videos? Do you find importing photos and videos from an SD card difficult? Do you miss Aperture's referenced filing system? PhotoFiler addresses these problems by creating a new filing structure based on the photo or video's created date. Files are copied into a Year/Month/Day filing structure that is ideal for archiving your memories in an easy to use fashion. PhotoFiler can use the file creation date or the EXIF date to create the filing structure. PhotoFiler is great for: • Creating "Reference Files" used in many photo apps. • Simplifying importing when you plugin an SD card into your Mac. • Clearing duplicated files out of your hard disk. • Copying photos and videos from inside your Photos or Aperture libraries. PhotoFiler Features: • Digs deep into any source folder to find all the photos and videos. • Can dig into Photos, iPhoto and Aperture libraries. • Will backup all photos and videos in libraries, including from your iPhone. • Uses search fields to accurately pin-point the files you want. • User selectable and customisable file types. • Allows individual file selection, all, none or just those that are not yet copied, to speed up the process. • Shows in red or green, where copies already exist or not. • Allows preview of the selected photos and videos, so you can confirm you have the right ones. • Allows separate locations for photo and video archives. • Works with folders on your hard disk, external drive or network drive. • Adds a third location for backup or trashing the files after they have been copied, for extra insurance. • Logs progress in each "run" and identifies any files not copied. PhotoFiler is flexible and can identify and move other file formats as well - for example find and move all your PDF's or Pages documents - a great way to archive your data in a logical structure. Get PhotoFiler now and get those memories organised. -------------------- Terms of Use: www.iThought.biz/terms