Modern Colour Picker

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Create useful colour schemes in minutes for websites and apps. No #RRGGBB selection, that is for computers, pick a hue, saturation and brightness for at least 5 base colours. Modern Colour Picker fills in darker and lighter versions to give you a full set of colours ready to use for your next App or Website. The main colour picking is done not in an abstract way by moving a dial, but by presenting you with 100 different choices for hue, saturation or brightness. You can also make fine adjustments as required. Stop wasting time using tools that aren't optimised for colour theme creation and focus on the features of your App or Website. Export/share currently supports: CSS SCSS Stylus JSON Swift (for iOS) Swift (for MacOS) XML, Java and Kotlin (for Android) Dart (for Flutter) if there are other formats you would like get in touch. You can save projects in a simple (JSON based) format that you can easily include alongside your source code.