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Money Calcz™ is an easy-to-use multi-function financial calculator featuring a Retirement Calculator, a Loan/Mortgage Calculator, a Savings Calculator and Debt Payoff calculator. SAVE WITH OUR ANNUAL HOLIDAY SALE! ===================== RETIREMENT CALCULATOR ===================== Enter: - Retirement Savings - Monthly Expenses - Monthly Retirement Income - Savings Interest Rate - Annual Inflation Rate Results: - Years of Retirement - Future Monthly Expenses - Total Interest Earned Note: Don't underestimate the ill effects of inflation over time. Inflation causes the cost of living to increase and the purchasing power of money to decrease. It's a perfect storm for financial disaster if you're not prepared. Try various inflation rates to see how it effects your retirement situation. =============== LOAN CALCULATOR =============== Enter: - LoanAmount - Years To Pay - Interest Rate - Additional Monthly Fees Results: - Monthly Payment - Gross Amount (Total Loan Amount + Interest) - Gross Interest ================== SAVINGS CALCULATOR ================== Enter: - Start Amount - Years To Save - Interest Rate - Monthly Deposits Results: - Future Savings Amount - Inflation Adjusted Future Savings Amount - Start Amount + Deposits (Money You Contributed) - Total Interest Earned ====================== DEBT PAYOFF CALCULATOR ====================== Enter: - Debt Amount - Monthly Payment - Interest Rate - Additional Monthly Fees Results: - Years to pay off debt - Total interest paid - Final payment amount - Total Interest Earned Money Calcz covers the 4 biggest money-events in our lives: loans, savings, debt and retirement. Do it all with one easy, intuitive and attractive app.