Moroshka File Manager

OS X 10.5
Moroshka File Manager is the classic 2-windows file manager focused on elegant user interface, usability and sets of unique features: - Files are presented in views, may be quickly sorted and filtered. Brief mode simplify the presentation the content of folders. - All operations are may be performed by keyboard which speeds up the file management. - Build-in text viewer provides support of Windows and UTF8 text encoding. - Powerful 7zip engine used for management files and archives. - FTP protocol is supported. - Multi-tabbed interface allows to keep all used folders on the distance of single mouse click! - Ability to define and jump to bookmarks for folders keeps makes the navigation by file system faster - File preview allows to display the images, videos and audio files. - Directry information function performs calculation size and occupied space of directory or selected set of files. - Ability to copy files from/to Finder using Copy/Paste commands improves Finder navigation