Mortgage Analyzer

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Recognized by as one of the Best Consumer Tablet Applications worldwide for Personal Finance for Personal Finance. And, a finalist for the 2013 Tabby Award. The Mortgage Analyzer Mac adds the following features: - monthly/semi-monthly/bi-weekly/weekly payment options - start extra payments in a specific year - option for mortgage type - US or Canadian - You're contributing to continued development of app features -- Thanks!! Mortgage Analyzer is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you see how different loan options (Fixed Rate or ARM) or Payment Options affect your mortgage. This includes: · Applying extra periodic, annual, and one time payments · Chart showing the difference between the mortgage payoff with and without extra payments · Amortization Table showing how the mortgage is amortized over the life of the loan · Setting Adjustable Rate Mortgage criteria to what may happen over the life of the loan · Save your analysis so you can reload it later · Remove an analysis (Swipe Right to Left across name in Load popup) · Export your analysis results via Email The Mac version fits on a single screen and is designed to be intuitive to use with onscreen help for every field and color coded functional area to help you easily navigate the tool.