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Mouse Clicker can automatically click your mouse up to 1000 times per second or with regular intervals. There is no limit on the wait between intervals, meaning you can set the Mouse Clicker to click the mouse 1 time for example: every 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 days. ✭✭ Usage ✭✭ 1) Select how long you want to wait from activation till clicking starts. 2) Select how many seconds you want to wait in between turns. 3) Select how many clicks you want per turn. 4) Select whether you want to emulate the Left or the Right mouse button. 5) To begin: Press Start or use the HotKey combination. 6) To stop: Stop using the HotKey combination or press the Stop button. ✭✭ Example usage ✭✭ a) 1 click every second b) upto 1000 clicks every second c) 1 click every 3 seconds. d) 50 clicks every 7 seconds ✭✭ Features ✭✭ ✔ Up to 1000 clicks per second (depending on how fast your computer is) ✔ Start/Stop clicking using the key combination Select+Command+S ✔ Stays on top of other applications ✔ Delayed staring (specified in seconds) ✔ Interval clicking (X clicks repeated every Y seconds) ✔ Supports Left and Right mouse button clicking. If you have any questions, comments or problems with this application, do not hesitate to contact or use the contact form on the Support Site.