MP4 Video Player

OS X 10.13
Movie player which can play MPEG4,MOV,m4v format. 【Concept】 The purpose of this app is to provide features not to QuicktimePlayer. (e.g. Speed Control,Scale,Seek Time,Frame-by-frame playback etc.) If you expect that you can play a file that can not be played on QuicktimePlayer, you might be disappointed. ■Multiple window player ■Speed You can control the speed of forwards playback and backwards playback. Range of magnification is as follows: x ±0.1〜2.0(increment 0.1)/2.0〜10.0(increment 1.0) ■Scale You can zoom in/out without changing the window size. Use slider or button. slider : x1.0〜5.0 default button : x1.0 max button : x5.0 ■Seek Time You can seek by slider or button of the fixed value. the value is as follows: -20,-5,+15,+60 seconds ■Rotation You can rotate by 90 degrees counterclockwise. ■Bordered window title on/off ■Closed Caption You can switch on/off of closed caption. ■Repeat You can switch on/off of repeat playback. ■Volume You can change the volume for each window. Use slider or button. min button : mute max button : max ■Control Panel The control panel can be moved by drag & drop. The default position is the center bottom of the window