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This App is designed for your Mac to Send and Receive the entire content of a designated Directory to any of your devices(iPhone/iPad) under a “WiFi” network. This App is Communicating with 'BacBack' and other iOS file transfer Apps from "Agole Tech Solutions" on your device(iPhone, or iPad). Here is How: 1- Download and install the “MultiFileBackup” 2- Run the App on your Mac and Follow the instructions displayed on your Mac view. 3- Create Two Folders under user /Downloads directory named : Folder. ‘SendFile’ and ‘RcvFile’ like this: /Downloads/SendFile and /Downloads/RcvFile --------------- 4- To Transfer from your Mac’s to your device: A- Copy all your files from any directory to 'Downloads/SendFile’ and follow instruction on screen. 5- To Received files from your device(iPhone, or iPad) follow the instruction on your screen. Note: Always remember the ‘Receiving’ device is to Pick the name of joining device during the pairing process.