MultiMarkdown Composer 4

OS X 10.11
# All New Version of MultiMarkdown Composer Is Here! MultiMarkdown Composer was the first text editor specifically designed for writing in MultiMarkdown (or regular Markdown), and now there is a completely new version with improved performance and features. By using an editor built around Markdown/MultiMarkdown, you can focus on the *writing*, rather than worrying about formatting and styles. Composer's intelligent tools provide automatic support while you write -- organize your document with the Table of Contents, quickly insert links, images, etc. with the References sidebar, and quickly review CriticMarkup edits. Composer 4 represents a complete rewrite. The syntax highlighting engine is faster and more accurate. The preview is faster and includes multiple other improvements. The MultiMarkdown engine has been upgraded to MMD v 6 in order to include the latest features, faster performance, and increased accuracy. The theme configuration files use a new JSON format that is easier to use. The assistants (TOC, References, CriticMarkup, and Info) have been rebuilt as sidebars in the document window in order to increase flexibility. In short, virtually every piece of Composer has been rewritten to make it better! ## Learn More If you are unfamiliar with Markdown or MultiMarkdown, please visit before purchasing this application. We want you to be sure that you will be happy with your purchase! You can also visit to learn more about MultiMarkdown Composer, see screenshots, and even video previews and demonstrations. The support site offers you a chance to have your questions answered. ## Free Features * Read and write files * Intelligent editing support -- "smart pairs", automatic formatting of Markdown block structures (lists, blockquotes, tables), easily create links and images, and much more * Live HTML preview * Supports MultiMarkdown v6 (including regular Markdown compatibility mode) * Built-in support for MathJax and syntax highlighting javascript libraries * CriticMarkup support, including live change tracking and including your edits in the preview * Automatically cleans up Markdown formatting to quickly fix problems when copying text from other sources * Typewriter Mode to keep the cursor in the center of the screen * Auto Zoom to make the most use of the window, regardless of what size you make it * Sync MultiMarkdown metadata tags with macOS file tags automatically * File comparison -- compare two files and convert the differences into CriticMarkup to easily handle file revisions shared from other users ## Standard Upgrade * Open multiple documents at once * Custom themes for syntax highlighting * Custom CSS for preview/documents * Print source text * Print HTML preview (including print to PDF) * Export to HTML, EPUB 3, OpenDocument, LaTeX, and TextPack * Sidebar assistants -- Table of Contents, References list, CriticMarkup changes * Drag and drop in the Table of Contents sidebar to quickly rearrange your document ## Pro Upgrade * Automatic text expansion -- expand shortcuts for commonly used text blocks * Custom keyboard commands and macros -- customize Composer to suit your needs! * Share extras files (themes, CSS, expansions) between multiple machines so you have a consistent environment on each * History undo mode -- increased flexibility in undo/redo of changes while working on a document * Control over undo coalescing -- you control whether undo works by the character, sentence, or paragraph * Control depth of the table of contents sidebar for easier navigation * More features planned for the future -- stay tuned for updates ## Need More Help? If you have questions, suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports then please contact us at or so that we may respond to your questions and assist with any issues. And, as always, thank you for your support over the years!