Music Theory 105 – Basslines

OS X 10.9
Get ready to track the bass with producer Gregg Fine in this "groove-along" course that will break down the bass lines and show you how to create your own grooves... How many of your favorite songs can you name just from hearing the bass line? It's probably quite a few. That’s because the bass, when played and programmed by the pros, stands alone at bottom of the production where it serves as the foundation of the track! A great bass line can really make a good song even better! A powerful base line can act both as the foundation of the track and as another melodic hook within the track! With his carefully crafted musical examples, Gregg gives you a great sense of how a bass line can evolve as your song builds. He uses musical notation so you can see and hear the bass and how it complements the song. Gregg explains how the bass serves to reinforce the chordal structure of a tune by “landing” on the different notes of the chords. He also explains the powerful relationship between the bass and kick. After all, the bass IS a member of the rhythm section! What takes this bass line theory to even higher ground are Gregg’s thoughtful examples and play-along grooves that allow you see and hear how great bass lines are constructed. Table of contents: 1. Creating Basslines 2. Evolution of the Bass 3. The Bass Clef 4. The Root 5. Adding Some Rhythm 6. Breaking Up the Rhythm 7. Root and 5th - Part 1 8. Root and 5th - Part 2 9. Catching the Upbeats 10. Adding the Octave 11. Finding the Tone 12. Funk Basslines - Part 1 13. Funk Basslines - Part 2 14. Bass & Kick Relationship 15. Developing the Bassline 16. Articulations 17. More About Tone 18. Using the Minor Scale - Part 1 19. Using the Minor Scale - Part 2 20. Using Major and Dominant Scales 21. Passing Tones & Approach Tones 22. Using Arpeggios 23. Riff Basslines 24. Redefining the Harmony - Part 1 25. Redefining the Harmony - Part 2 26. Creating Bass Fills 27. Blues Shuffle Walking Bass 28. Jazz Walking Bass Overview 29. Jazz Walking Bass - Part 1 30. Jazz Walking Bass - Part 2 31. Jazz Walking Bass - Part 3 32. Jazz Walking Bass Conclusion