muvee Reveal Express

OS X 10.6.6
The award-winning automatic video editing software is finally here for the Mac. This version is optimized for a photo-only slideshow, using the same Artistic Intelligence cinematic engine used in muvee Reveal (but tuned for photos). Instantly create awesome music slideshows that dance to the beat of any music track you choose. Comes with 5 different bundled Styles, each with distinctive effects, transitions and filters. All for the price of a round of lattes. Grab up to 50 photos from your cameras, computer, or iPhoto, choose a music track from iTunes, and hit Play. Its really that easy! The app analyzes your chosen music track for the beats and emotional index, then analyzes your photos for human faces. In moments, a professionally produced music-video-style photo movie is created, complete with Ken Burns effects, awesome color filters and professional transitions. Automatically zooms, pans and highlights any faces in your photos and also syncs your slideshow to the beat and emotional index of the music track. Choose from three speed settings for even more control. Key Features: * We are limiting this to 50 photos because that's tested to best fit a typical song and any longer, the slideshow will get a little draggy. * Wanna tell an epic story? Make multiple muvees with different songs and string them together! That gives you ability to use different Styles and music, adding spice and variety. * Choose from one of 5 exciting Styles, ranging from music-video trailer type slideshows to Scrapbook-style photo books. * Export to iPad and iPhone4/4S/5 (720P HD), iPod Touch/iPhone 3GS and earlier (480P) * Save to your local Mac drive in various sizes for uploading to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. * Share on the big screen with iDVD or directly using Airplay. * Great for weddings, vacations, family moments, graduation, and sporting events.