My Jurassic Farm – Raise your own dinosaurs

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Become the region's top farmer Farm your land and develop the most beautiful farm around, full of dinosaurs Build your farm and take care of around 50 different animals under the guidance of your friendly farmer neighbors. Get yourself organized so you can feed, clean and treat your new extended family. You'll be an expert in Tyrannosauruses, Diplodocuses and Triceratops in no time! Develop your business as you buy new equipment for your animals and build the most beautiful farm around. • Many different species • Build your own farm • A host of challenges to complete • Bonuses, upgrades and buildings to unlock • Take care of your animals by feeding and cleaning them • Colorful graphics that change with the seasons You have a comment, an opinion, a question, a proposition about one of our games or apps? join our Facebook fanpage! FOLLOW US Microids Game For All On #microidsgfa On On On For technical issues, contact