myBuddy for Facebook

OS X 10.8
The only Facebook Mac Application with tabs & themes! Once you go myBuddy, you'll never go back! You'll never have to open your browser just for facebook again! Simply click on the myBuddy icon in the status menu and you're there! It's hands down, the best facebook app out there! - Access Facebook with a single click - Change theme to any color you desire to personalize and enhance your Facebook experience. - Navigate through Facebook using tabs - Auto-dismiss notifications - Auto accept/decline friend requests - Add as many auto-login accounts as you want - Hide Facebook ads - Change font size - Global Hotkey: use a customized hotkey while using any other program to quickly pop up myBuddy. - Visual and Audio Alerts for new facebook notifications! - Slick & simple interface ***Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, INC and is in no way affiliated with myBuddy***