MyIP – What is my IP

OS X 10.10
MyIP is the application that allows you to know your public IP address and check your Internet Service Provider details. Also, you can geolocalize on map the equipment used by your ISP (ie. the physical position where your provider is located). Obtaining your public IP address is sometimes complicated and not so easy. Especially if you are using a modem router, using normal system utilities you will obtain the IP address of your LAN (Local Area Network), which is just the address of your Mac inside the local network. Instead, the public IP address is the one used by your router to connect to internet. Using this application you will obtain your public IP address, as well as other unique features described below. When you open the application, you will quickly access the state of your Public IP directly from the StatusBar. Alternatively, you can use the Today Widget Extension for a quick consultation. You can trace the IP address of the server, disclosing all relevant and pertinent informations of your ISP. Also you can use the MAP locating tool to know the approximate location of your ISP. Features: - State of the Internet - Public IP - Complete WHOIS - Geolocate provider cabinet - Ease of use - Today Widget Extension If you need help contact us at, or visit our website If you enjoy the app, don’t forget to give us a review on the Mac AppStore.