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myPoint Grid combines three tools in one: Crosshair, Grille and Coordinates. All tools are customizable. myPoint will show its information above all other windows and applications, even when another application is active or in full screen. • Crosshair displays two thin lines across the mouse position. - Visible on all monitors or only on monitor with mouse pointer. - Customizable performance, gauge, color, transparency, offset from mouse. - Hotkey to toggle the tool. • Grille displays grille by horizontal and vertical lines. - Visible on all or mouse monitor. - Two modes: Follow mouse and Pin. - Customizable gauge, aperture, color, transparency, offset from mouse. - Hotkeys to change aperture size. - Hotkey to toggle the tool. - Hotkey to construct the grille from specified bands number, aka Rule of Thirds. • Coordinates display information about current mouse position in menu bar extras and in a flying panel. - Five origin points to calculate cursor position: left top, left bottom, right bottom, right top and custom. - Set custom origin by hotkey. - Move mouse cursor to origin point by hotkey. - Input panel to set precisely mouse position. - Coordinates ruler: measure the size while dragging with mouse. - Copy current coordinates to the clipboard. - Display coordinates in X-Y or Y-X format. - Customizable colors, size, transparency, behavior. - Hotkeys to toggle and handle the tool. • General features: - The tool is visible on all monitors and in full screen. - Customizable hotkeys. - Hotkey to show or hide application menu in menu bar extras. - Can start automatically at user login. - Common Preferences panel for all settings. - Support multiple users, screens and desktops. - Built on Apple's security paradigm sandboxing - reducing the threat of rogue code and malicious software. • Notes: - When myPoint is running, no icon is shown in the Dock. The basic control is through a menu in menu bar extras. - If you have an inquiry or need a help to tune up our app, please drop us a line at We will reply in 24 hours.