MySQL Optimizer

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 7.99
MySQL Optimizer (was MySQL and MariaDB Optimizer) is an effective app that gives you recommendations for optimization of MySQL databases. The app provides a graphical interface to simplify the process of viewing performance metrics, apply changes based on our recommendations, and all MySQL slow-query logs, which are grouped by occurrence number. Things to consider when applying recommendations: When you apply changes MySQL service restarts so your web sites will be offline for couple seconds Make sure you understand the changes you make as in some cases they might not be suitable You can always revert changes by going to Backup/restore tab and select the version you want to revert to Once you apply some changes MySQL needs time to collect data again for new statistics and recommendations and while it's recommended to wait 24hours before applying more changes, the app will allow you to do it after 6hours Features - Performance Metrics (very useful info about your server and mysql) - Slow Query that are already grouped so you can fix slow queries that have highest occurrence first. - Option to Explain slow queries - Error logs are available within Slow query main screen - Recommendations tab is the app main function, where you see a list of issues and recommendations, where applicable you can set the value and just tick to apply new values. - Mysql Advanced Variables Editor, so you can adjust MySQL even further