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Ever since the Mechorgs entered our galaxy, interstellar conflicts have been resolved in the NebulArena. Billions of lives and uncounted resources have been saved by this alternative to wasteful warfare. You can now resolve your own interstellar conflict in the Mechorg's arenas. Battles take place in one of the 30+ arena layouts prepared by the Mechorgs or in your own custom arenas. Three battle modes are available depending on how advanced your civilisation is: Assimilation, Elimination and Strata:Gem. Each battle mode presents a different set of rules, drone units and strategies. You can battle any of six alien species or bring your own opponent. NebulArena battles can be fought using a single shared device or between devices on the local network. Battles can be televised on your AppleTV so all can see your NebulArena prowess (or demise). The Mechorg Arena Master, has prepared more than 50 challenges to test the skills of newcomers and veterans alike. Completing these challenges as well as other specific accomplishments will earn you achievement points so you can compare your proficiency with friends Features: - 3 battle modes - 350+ challenges - 30+ arena layouts - 6 Alien Intelligences (AI) of different level and play style with zany banter - Space exploration with 5 additional alien species - turn based, using a single shared device or two devices over local network/bluetooth - create and share your own custom arena layouts and challenges - take part in the perpetual tournaments on the Game Center - player rating system similar to chess leagues - achievements - multiple players statistics and achievements on a single device - suspend and resume battles - display game progress on AppleTV (airPlay) - extensive battle statistics and history