Neck Break

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Permanent sitting at computer with unchangeable position cause neck pain and headache as result. Neck Break is a MAC application that helps avoiding neck pain by reminding you to take a break regular and to perform useful well-designed exercises. We know that human body is not built to spent hour after hour in a chair at front of the computer screen, gripping a mouse or typing on the keyboard. This is not only damages health, but also decreases productivity. Just by taking regular breaks, you can undo much of the damage and helps avoiding neck-related problems. FEATURES: - quick access through customized Status bar item - Dock icon can be disabled - clear user interface - skins support for an enjoyable experience, including Yosemite style - 7 exercises for relaxing your neck - multi-display support - enforce breaks by locking work with other programs with option to disallow Break skipping - break screen can be easily minimized to continue work - notifies before Break begin - one of three predefined or user-customized sound at end of Break - display time left for current work or break period - easy customize work and break time interval for your preferences IN APP PURCHASES: - additional not neck-related Exercises - additional enjoyable Skins