Network Speed Tester

OS X 10.10
Use Network Speed Tester to measure the actual transfer speed of your local wifi or wired network. A graph helps you see changes in realtime. Optimize your wifi network by moving or placing your wifi router until you reach the best results. Make sure to also download the free iOS Client App for even simpler speed tests between Mac and your iPhone/iPad or the Apple TV. Example Uses - Verify your network components (swiches, router) to find bottlenecks in your wired network - Optimize the placement of your wifi router, try different locations until you get the best network performance - Measure impact of wifi range extenders - Find the best spot for watching streaming movies in your home Features - Accurate performance measuring of your network using client-server technology - Get actual realworld network throughput - Graphical visualization - Find test servers automatically via Bonjour services - Export data to tab text format - Share results To make a proper measurement, you need to have either two Macs in your network, or one Mac and an iOS/tvOS device. (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV are supported) The Mac will act as a server, the other device as the client for visualizing the results.