Network Speed Viewer

OS X 10.7
This program is a simple-to-use and intuitive tools, to monitor your current upload and download speeds. When you upload and download you can see the changes, Will automatically display the upload and download speed Main features: Show current network speed on status bar, includes upload and download speed, (red arrow means upload, blue means means downloads speed) Automatically show speed when upload or download from web You can customize the display speed mode (automatic, KB / s, MB / s) Custom refresh time Check you real network speed to know whether it reaches to the speed which the network operators promise Help you find is there a hidden app use you network Automatically switch network speed show mode between kps to mps,etc. With the system automatically starts 1.04:Add a show style : side by side , (red means upload , blue means download) The refresh function now been moved to the menu, can get avg speed in 20 s , etc Change show speed mode to menu 1.06: Ready for yosemite(10.10) Fix Bugs **************************** If you have functional requirements and bug advice Please send us an email to