NightTone (Night light filter)

OS X 10.10
#Featured on Mashable, ProductHunt, OcularPrime and many more: NightTone makes your screen more comfortable, enjoyable and healthier by shifting the colors of your display to a warmer, eye-friendly palette. It makes you sleep and feel better. It's perfect for everyone's health, especially for people with visual perception problems, light sensitivity or discomfort. • The science behind the app The monitor's blue light tricks our circadian rhythm (our natural body clock) into thinking that it’s daytime. It suppresses melatonin (that sends "time to sleep" cues) and builds up histamine that helps wake us up, boosts attention and reaction times. In other words, it resets that feeling of tiredness and hurts our sleep cycle. Just remember: It's bad to be exposed to sleep-inhibiting blue light during the night. • Predefined color pallets for common scenarios - Warm orange for late working hours - Soft black or inverted colors for dark rooms - Noisy green for long text reading - Silky blue for rooms with artificial light - Tender white for movies night or dark photo work - All colors are adjustable and can be changed to anything you are comfortable with • Features - Change the screen brightness and palette to warmer colors - Configure the display to virtually any color you want - Invert the screen's colors for better usage in very dark rooms - Multiple monitors supported - The app can active itself only during nights (and you can customize the activation hours) - Start at login, schedule the app and forget it exists. Just enjoy the benefits - Easy to use and there is absolutely no configuration required • Support We read your support emails every day, day by day. Write with confidence any question, feedback or complain and you will receive an answer in a very short period of time.


NightTone Mac 屏幕亮度管家 保护你的眼睛和睡眠健康

NightTone 是一款可以调整屏幕亮度,设置暖色调屏幕来保护你的眼睛,帮助你缓解夜晚使用电脑造成的眼疲劳,从而间接提高你的夜间休息质量。 软件可手动开启暖色调,也可以用已经配置好的 True Colors 内置暖色调,开启系统级的翻转颜色,支持多显示器同时设置,设置开启计划时间点。 夜晚蓝色室内...