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No static IP, no problem. NimbusUpdate is an application that delivers the benefits of a static, public IP address on networks where addresses are dynamically assigned. It synchronizes your network’s address with CloudFlare-managed domain name records that you specify, adding the convenience of referencing your network by name instead of a series of numbers. NimbusUpdate is a set-and-forget utility that essentially runs in the background, but is conveniently accessible from the Mac OS X menu bar, just in case. Features: Adjustable run frequency Specify how often NimbusUpdate should check your dynamic IP address. Update multiple domains Add any number of domains to NimbusUpdate, even from different CloudFlare accounts. Never forget Set NimbusUpdate to open at login, so you don’t have to think about it. Manual update Invoke NimbusUpdate’s magical powers from a menu command. Local notifications NimbusUpdate delivers alerts through MacOS Notifications, with optional audio feedback. (Was that thunder?) Get your public IP The NimbusUpdate menu displays your public IP address. Select it to copy to your clipboard. Requirements: MacOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or greater. Domain name. CloudFlare account.