Ninepin Bowling

OS X 10.6.6
The ultimate fun with Nine-pins Watch out Ninepin fans! The virtual Nine-pin Bowling Alley is always in your pocket and ready for a party whether you’re on your own, with friends, or even the whole team. Up to 9 players can compete against each other at this accurately-designed virtual bowling alley. Features: - basic Nine-pins app for ultimate fun - single player and multi-player modes for up to 9 players - realistic simulation of Nine-pins thanks to PhysicsEngine! - super 3D graphics and sound How to play: In each of the 6 rounds, the players bowl in turns. Each player has up to 3 throws per round to hit the most pins. To bowl, use your computer mouse to direct the ball toward the pins. The direction and momentum is the most important part. It’s best to try it a few times until you get the hang of it. The current score can always be seen over the pause button (II). When all 6 rounds are complete, the game is over and the final score is displayed. Another Nine-pins party can begin! :) The number of players, balls per game-round, game-rounds and the computer-enemys(AI) skills can be set before the game starts! Points and Winner: For every pin knocked over, the player gets two points. If all the pins are down, (this is called “full” or a “strike”), the player gets five extra bonus points. If all the pins are knocked down except the one in the middle (the Kingpin), the player bowled a Crown ("Ring") and gets ten extra bonus points. If only the Kingpin falls and all other pins are left standing, the player gets twelve points. If the player bowls and doesn’t hit any of the pins, that’s called a Poodle and the player gets one point taken away. The player with the most points wins. What is Nine-pins? Nine pin bowling is a sport where a player rolls a ball in one direction at at a controlled speed. The goal is to knock down the most pins that are standing at the end of the lane. Suggestions for improvements and Bug Reports: Customer is King and we really work hard, to make our Ninepin Bowling to the best and send you updates with great new Features! So, if you find anything, we should improve, feel free to report it via email Our Worklist You will find these features in upcoming versions. - Multiplayer via Network support - GameCenter support - nicer sound effects Thanks to Burkhard Niebert, for letting us use his hunting and wild animal drawings.