Royalty Free Premium Fireworks Image Collection

OS X 10.7
This Royalty-Free Premium Fireworks Image Collection will dazzle and delight you! Bold, bright and beautiful fireworks are perfect for every big occasion. Who doesn't love a good fireworks show? Single, double, triple and grand finale fireworks photos are available. You will be amazed at the breath-taking range of fireworks. Some images are even set over water with dramatic cascading ripples of reflections. A varied selection of hundreds of fireworks' photos ensures you will find the perfect image every time. Best of all, every image is royalty free and suitable for commercial use! • More than 1,000 royalty-free images • Professional quality photograph images (not clipart) • More than 600 fireworks' images with original backgrounds • More than 400 fireworks' photos converted to transparency (background-free) Save Time with Fireworks' Transparencies The high-quality fireworks' photos can save you time and avoid the need for tedious touch-up. More than 400 of the fireworks' photos are pre-made transparencies. With the backgrounds already removed, the images can be easily placed into projects and filled in with anything you like. Fireworks' Photos for Everything Dramatic firework displays will enliven your projects for the Fourth of July and other celebrations. The “rockets' red, white and blue glare” make a grand occasion complete. High-quality photograph images capture the explosive sparkles of light. The spectrum of show-stopper fireworks includes shows of white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue and green. Each radiates with confetti of color. Be delighted by the drama in the Royalty-Free Premium Fireworks Image Collection. Making designs with fireworks has never been more fun! And definitely be sure to check out our other clip-art collections, all ROYALTY-FREE! These themed packages all work well with Print Shop and PrintMaster, and will help you elevate all of your projects to ART! • Creativity Collection Holidays and Celebrations • Creativity Collection Fall Festivals • Creativity Collection Birthdays • Creativity Collection Winter Wonders • Creativity Collection Memories and Milestones • Creativity Collection Weddings • Royalty Free Premium Home & Garden Image Collection • Royalty Free Premium School Image Collection • Royalty Free Premium Holidays & Celebrations Image Collection • Royalty Free Premium Scrapbooking Image Collection • Royalty Free Premium Travel & Adventure Image Collection • Royalty Free Premium Nature Image Collection • Royalty Free Premium Recreation Image Collection • Royalty Free Premium Seasons Image Collection • Royalty Free Premium Patterns and Backgrounds Image Collection - Gold Edition • Royalty Free Complete Premium Art Collection - Platinum Edition • Royalty Free Complete Creative Memories Premium Art Collection - Platinum Edition