Oceania : Sea Animals for Kids

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** Kids LEARN INTERESTING FACTS about SEA ANIMALS with an INTERACTIVE STORY, FUN MINI-GAMES & COLORING PAGES ** - Fun child development activities like matching shapes, colouring pages & trivia - Names and Interesting Facts about various underwater and beach Sea Creatures - Challenges to encourage kids explore the Educational Game - Moral story in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 - Topic-Based learning approach for a more engaging learning experience - Kids-Friendly interface - Adapted from the popular storybook “Rooney’s Adventures - The Friendly Octopus” **BubbleBud Kids proudly inspires #SustainableDevelopment through #EarlyChildhoodEducation** THE STORY The problems of environmental cleanliness have been haunting us for quite some time and need to be addressed for a sustainable future. It becomes very important for our kids to learn from the mistakes we have made in the past and grow to become better world citizens. This story about Rooney and his Sea Animal friends at the beach engage kids in a fun story about the ill effects of not keeping the environment clean. The story also integrates finely some interesting facts about the various Sea Animals along with some strong problem-solving attitude and care for the underwater and beach sea creatures in this ocean adventure. Along with the story, there are plenty of mini-games to reinforce the learnings from the story and motivate kids to come back and learn more. PLAY - Complete challenges in order to proceed - Fun mini games during the story - Cartoon style animations when interacting with various Sea Creatures - Personalise your Aquarium (Home Screen) by colouring all the Sea Animals - Fun endless runner game with eight levels of difficulty that challenges kids' motor skills & reflexes while inspiring cleanliness - Challenge your kids' learnings with a fun Trivia game "Ocean Mystery" LEARN - Names of Sea Animals by tapping them - About the importance of cleanliness and how it affects the ecosystem - By completing fun tasks and driving the story - About the kinds of people kids meet in the world around - Shapes by matching the shadow with the character - About mixing colours with a the colour mixer bucket EXPLORE - The beach life - Other interesting relationships between people - Problem-solving skills - Learn interesting facts about Sea Animals ABOUT BUBBLEBUD KIDS BubbleBud Kids is the Early Childhood Education initiative by Dweek Studios to provide the children today an alternate approach to education. BubbbleBud Kids creates educational content through its philosophy of “Play | Learn | Explore” giving children in kindergarten a parallel source of learning making the most of the technology available today. The organisation believes in “Flexible Education - Education that adapts to the interests of the child pursuing it” and is committed to creating content for that delivers to this ideology.