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Office Chat is a secure mobile messaging platform for the business world designed for fast workplace communication. Office Chat works for private one-to-one conversations or group chats between large or small teams, so you can talk with just one colleague or a group of ten about work related ideas, projects, and more. Beyond chatting, with Office Chat you can also securely share text messages, files, pictures, audio, and videos with your coworkers instantly -- without worrying about exchanging phone numbers or information leaking. Office Chat is the perfect tool for anyone seeking to improve their company's ability to collaborate, network, and share information. It is a cross-platform IM service. Start-ups, non-profit organizations, and businesses big and small use Office Chat to streamline information sharing and collaboration within their company. You can use it to improve your business's ability to communicate too! Download the app for free now! Office Chat features include: - Group messaging and private chat - Rich text messaging features that allow you share pictures, files, video, and audio attachments - Ability to view images inline and play videos directly from within the message - Unlimited chat history - Detailed info pages for colleagues & teams - Message delivery confirmation for your sent messages - Real-time push notifications for messages received by you - Quick access to colleague list & the teams you are part of - Email integration allows messages sent from office chat to be replied back from any email client - Hyper real time where character by character message transfer option is available in private chat