Oil Well Data

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This application provides the basic calculations of the oil well useful to apply the well control methods (pre-recorded data) after the occurrence of kick during drilling operations on floating platforms and landing rigs. It is an useful tool to import data files to fill kill sheets from our apps for OS X and iOS (Well Control Methods, Drilling Hydraulics and Kick Tolerance) and also for iOS (Drilling Simulator 1 and 2, Kick Game, LOT Simulator and Well Control Simulator 1 and 2) available for sale in our portfolio on the App Store. For full worksheets, save to file, import from others oil and gas apps of our portfolio, print and send by email, buy the apps "Driller's Method Worksheets" or "Wait and Weight Worksheets" available for sale in our portfolio not the App Store. This app was developed based on existing spreadsheets. There is no comparison with any other software. Our goal was to create a low-cost application with the help of experts to share with drilling engineers, technicians, drillers, students and teachers of drilling engineering. There is no intention to replace the professional softwares. You can contribute with suggestions for improvements, correcting the translation to english, reporting bugs and spreading it to your friends. Thanks DISCLAIMER: These tools & materials are provided 'as is' without warranties of any kind, express or implied. Please verify the tools provided by this application by yourself before you use them. Ensure you understand the impact of using these tools. Any use you choose to make of these tools & materials is undertaken by you entirely at you own risk.