Intel 64 / OS X
$ 9.99
PictureDownloader is fast streamlined and automated image downloader for digital camera flash cards. Completely automated process of importing images from digital camera flash card to hard drive. PictureDownloader is blazing fast, faster then manually coping files from flash drive due to special file copy technology. PictureDownloader is lifesaver for Entertainment Photographers, where importing and sorting images of quests is critical. Features: Comprehensive image file format support. PictureDownloader supports PNG, JPEG, TIFF and RAW formats from major digital cameras and digital backs. Import process notification via Local Notification that are not interrupting current user task Just plug in flash card and photos from flash card will be copied into hard disk into Pictures folder based Year->Month->day->20MinutesTimeframes structure. Photos sorted per 20 Minutes timeframe allows faster image sorting Automatically detection of previously imported images to prevent duplicates. Autostart support (user must enable this feature from setting) Automatic detection of new flash drives (when app is running) As a standard - all digital cameras storing their pictures in "DCIM" folder on flash card, so PictureDownloader will look for pictures only there to speed up picture import process.