One Stage -moving simulation-

OS X 10.7.5
This application is a stage simulation application that makes it possible for anyone to easily simulate the movement of a person using an intuitive (easy to understand) operation, using a realistic stage depicted in 3D graphics. You can make and share the movements and formations into the stage you imagine for dancers and actors, your team. Based on our experience from a practical standpoint such as PA · Dancer · Organizer, we made a "good thing" to make stage, making it form. We believe that the stage depicted in 3D visuals is a very powerful tool for those who are very familiar with all stage related jobs and dancers, directors, choreographers, school teachers. By all means, touch the One Stage, feel it, please check the possibility. Surely it will make you feel a wonderful experience and possibilities! "Simple and functional UI" We focused on intuitive operability · UI focusing on user's visibility. We devised so that application operations can be executed with as few buttons as possible so that users do not get confused.