Oregano Recipe Manager

OS X 10.8
Beautifully designed and simple to use recipe manager, Oregano is your perfect kitchen companion. It helps you organise your recipes, allowing you to have more time to cook. Finding and discovering new recipes has never been made easier thanks to its recipe tagging feature and its built-in online recipe browser. If you see a recipe you like on one of the supported websites, you can just tap the save recipe button and it will automatically save and extract most of the recipe information for you, including the picture! KEY FEATURES - iCloud compatible - Sync and store your recipes on iCloud. - Sync with Oregano Recipe Manager for the iPad and iPhone using iCloud. - Automatically save and extract most of the recipe information from websites with a click of a button (26 websites supported) - Enter your own custom recipes. - Grocery list - You can send the ingredients of a recipe directly to the grocery lists. - Share your recipes with your friends by emailing within the app. - Print your favourite recipes. - Offline access - your recipes are stored locally. - Customisable tags - you can assign multiple tags to each of your recipes. - Search and tag your recipes. - Save recipes from supported websites. iCloud Compatible Oregano supports iCloud, so you can store your recipes on iCloud and keep your recipes in sync with your other devices. Online Recipe Browser - Automatic Recipe Saving Oregano has a built-in browser to allow you to find recipes online. If you find a recipe you like on one of the supported websites, you can take on a single button and it will automatically extract most or all of the information on the recipe ( including an image of the recipe!) and save it to your Oregano recipes manager for offline viewing later. Grocery List Oregano has a built-in grocery list. You can create custom list and enter in your own items or you can add ingredient items directly from the recipe with a touch of a button. Search and Tagging We understand when you have a lot of recipes, it may be hard to find certain ones. We have included a powerful search feature for you to quickly find your recipes. You can also create custom tags to tag your recipes, multiple tags per recipe is also allowed, allowing your to fine tune your recipes database! SUPPORT Please write to us instead of submitting bugs or questions in an App Store review. We can't respond to reviews. Visit us at www.sockii.com Email us at support@sockii.com