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Indispensable information organization tool for knowledge workers. Outlinely is the home for all your notes, thoughts, ideas and todos. It’s an elegant outliner and writing tool, with a robust document management system. Outlinely provides the best environment for ideas and insights. Packed with great features: Search & Navigate, Focus mode, Typewriter scrolling, Word counting. Outlinely is the ultimate solution for knowledge workers. Features: Library and Folders - Each document is an outline. - Organize documents into Folders & Subfolders. - Access documents from anywhere with iCloud. - Bookmark a document and access them quickly from the Favorited folder. - Embedded link to other documents in Library. Search & Navigate - Search for any word in the entire library with Open Quickly. - Search and go to any topic instantly with Search & Navigate. Powerful outliner - Organize text into hierachical structure. - Expand to reveal detail, collapse to hide detail. - Zoom to any item (hoisting). - Drag & Drop to reorder items. - Add notes and links. - Make checklist, checkboxes, completed status. - Add formatting : Bold, italic, size, highlighted, strike-through. Versatile writing tool - It’s almost magical that Outlinely is both an outliner and a writing tool. - Keyboard navigation, copy/paste, search/replace, undo/redo. - Markdown syntax highlighting. - Focus mode. - Typewriter mode. - Word count, character count. Tagging - Add tags to your topics. - Filter outlines with a single click. - Auto-complete when using previous tags. Themes - Light/Dark/Sepia and many other beautiful themes. - Create your own custom theme. - Or you can import theme from Outlinely’s Theme Gallery. Exports - Edit OPML files directly (Outline Processor Markup Language). - Export your outline to: OPML, PDF, Microsoft Word Document, RTF, HTML, Markdown, and plain-text formats. Other features - Full Screen mode - Shortcut keys - Paragraph Numbers - X-Callback-URL support - Emoji support ## Support We put our best efforts into constantly improving Outlinely and your feedback is highly appreciated. You can contact us at outlinely@glamdevelopment.com or find us @outlinely on Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!