Panorama Sheets

OS X / PPC 32 / Intel 32
$ 39.95
Panorama Sheet's unique hybrid of database and spreadsheet technology makes it ideal for a wide range of data manipulation tasks. Its RAM based architecture gives Panorama Sheets unique capabilities that can't be matched by any other database application.Features: Lightning Fast RAM Based Speed: Unlike most spreadsheets, Panorama Sheets bypasses the hard disk. All time sensitive operations are performed completely in RAM, including sorting, searching, analysis, data restructuring, import and export. As a result, many operations can be completed over 10,000 times faster than disk based products, including normally time consuming operations like splitting and merging fields. Live Preview: When setting up a search, analysis or data manipulation, Panorama Sheets instantly previews the results as you type and click. The preview updates in real time, so you can quickly and easily see how different options interact with your actual data. You'll see in advance exactly what's about to happen to your data, so there are never any unpleasant suprises after you press the Apply button. Deep Searching: Panorama Sheets can easily search all fields in a database or any combination of specific fields. Text fields can be searched for complete or partial matches, or even searched phonetically (for example Name soundslike Guiterrez). Numbers and dates can be searched using a variety of comparisons (equal to, greater than, less than, within 10%, before, after, by month, by year, etc.). Multiple searches can be combined for very specific results, and for advanced searching boolean formulas can be included (for example Debit > Credit * 2.5). Your favorite searches can be stored for later use, and of course for any search option, the results are live previewed in real time as you type. (Bonus: Right clicking on any data cell pops up a menu with options for quickly showing data similar to the current cell, for example same name, same amount, same month, etc.) High Data Malleability: Panorama Sheets allows huge data sets to be bent, reshaped or refactored at will. Fields can be added, removed, rearranged, hidden, merged or split at any time. Entire datasets can be rapidly altered based on parsing/manipulation rules set up from pop-up menus (advanced users can also use arbitrary formula expressions). Typical examples include swapping first and last names, extracting area codes, removing extraneous punctuation, shifting all or part of a field to upper or lower case, or splitting combined addresses into separate city, state and zip fields. Multiple parsing/manipulation rules can be chained together for complex transformations, and sets of parsing/manipulation rules can be saved for later re-use. The effect of all parsing/manipulation rules are live previewed in real time as they are changed (actual database manipulation occurs at 10k-50k records per second). Interactive Analysis: Data outlines are a unique Panorama Sheets feature that summarize raw data in a multi-level outline, with each higher level corresponding to higher level categorizations of the data (for example Date (by month) -> Department -> Employee or State -> City). The outline is interactive, so it can be collapsed to show overall trends or selectively expanded to reveal specific details at lower levels. Summary levels in the outline can be further processed by sorting or selection, make it easy to answer questions like who were the top five sales associates in each region last quarter? or which sectors are growing the fastest internationally? The outline specifications can be changed at any time for different analysese. Mailing Labels: Panorama Sheets supports common Avery mailing labels (Avery 5160, 5161, 5162, 5163 and 5164). If a database contains standard address fields, Panorama Sheets automatically configures the field positions on the label. If data is missing, label fields automatically slide up and to the left to eliminate blank areas. Field positions can also be configured manually, and favorite configurations can be saved for re-use. Flexible Import & Export: Panorama Sheets can transfer data directly to or from spreadsheets (Excel or Numbers) by drag and drop (Mac only) or via the clipboard (Mac or Windows). Data can also be imported into Panorama Sheets from text files (CSV or tab separated). Supported export formats include text files (CSV or tab separated) and HTML. Data can be automatically restructured as it is imported or exported to match up with external programs (for example re-arranging, merging or splitting fields as the data is imported or exported). Assisted Data Entry: With features like Clairvoyance™ (auto-complete), automatic capitalization, input and output patterns, duplicate checking and default values, Panorama can help make data entry a much less tedious and error prone process. Panorama's unique smart date feature allows input of human friendly dates like today, friday or last monday. Fully Relational -Panorama's relational model supports one record-to-one record links, range-to-one record (shipping and tax tables, for example), and one record-to-many records. Crash Proof: Panorama's Total Recall feature protects your vital data from power failures and system crashes. When Panorama is relaunched after a crash, everything goes right back to where it was. All databases, windows and variables are restored to where you left off, so you can get right back to work as if nothing had ever happened. If anything goes wrong, we've got you covered - the most you can lose is a few seconds of work. Goof Proof: To help protect you from yourself, Panorama keeps snapshots of database history over time. Unsaved changes can be immediately reversed with the Revert to Saved command. For mistakes or wrong turns made further back, the Time Lapse feature can "roll back" the database to a previous snapshot from minutes, hours, days or weeks ago. You can even compare different snapshots of a database to see how it has changed over hours, days, weeks or months. (Time Lapse is similar to Apple's Time Machine feature, but is fully integrated with the database and keeps snapshots based on database activity, rather than at fixed intervals.)