Paper Racer – stickman racing

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Stickman racing car, motorcycle, monster truck in doodle racing rivals game - Paper Racer. In this game you can climb on hill as motorbike rider, defied gravity in space adventures on tracks drawn on paper by other players. Features: - 6 vehicles to play: bigfoot aka monster truck, motocross on motorbike, moped, mini ATV, lunar rover and formula 1 sport car; - race on over 100 campaign track in different episodes like Space Adventure, UFO Attack, Street Racing, Sea and etc; - duels mode: defied people all around the world; - FREE to play; - over 500,000 tracks drawn by other players; - top designers; - track of the day; - cartoon animation; - draw your own track & share it with the world; - teleports, guns, new gravity directions and etc.;