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Never forget a password again! Easily store and protect your PINs, passwords and other sensitive info on your Mac (Universal app also available for iPad and iPhone - more info below). -Mac OS 10.9(Mavericks) and above only; 64bit required. Recent online security breaches highlight the risk of using the same password for multiple websites or simple passwords such as ‘12345’. Everyone needs to be diligent about using strong, unique passwords and they need to be changed frequently. The easiest way to store and remember your passwords is to use a password management solution that is intuitive, secure, and accessible everywhere. Passwords Plus fits all of these requirements, at minimal cost. Even store other personal/private items such as gift ideas, online purchase details and more! The new Passwords Plus 3.0 also features free editing and creating of up to 25 passwords for up to 60 days for new users. After 60 days, your passwords will be view-only and you will be without backup/restore options and the ability to auto-sync passwords between computers/devices. You have the option to purchase at any point. The purchased version includes: unlimited passwords, data backup, and syncing between devices where Passwords Plus is owned. To purchase, just click the 'Buy' option at the bottom of the Passwords Plus home screen and follow the in-app purchase steps. Current license owners: If you have already purchased, your current features will remain intact with your v3 update. Passwords Plus Highlights: 1. Keep your info “in sync” across all of your devices thanks to our secure cloud storage and SamePage™ technology. Changes made on your Mac will automatically appear on your iPad/iPhone where Passwords Plus 2.0 or higher is installed*. 2. Up-and-running in less than 5 minutes – Easy to setup and unlike other password management apps, no need to open a 3rd party cloud account in order to sync, backup or restore your data. 3. Proven industry experience – Founded in 1984, DataViz is an industry leader in developing mobile Office (Docs To Go) and productivity solutions, including password protection software for the past 11+ years. Watch Passwords Plus in action on our YouTube channel: *Note: The iOS version is available for purchase from the App Store: Feature details: • Secure – 256-bit AES encryption (military grade) keeps data safe and secure. • Auto-Synchronization – Updates made on one device will automatically be reflected on all devices (option available to turn on/off). • Backup/Restore – Included free! Info can be retrieved if your computer is lost or stolen. • Generate Password – Automatically generate random passwords to avoid using “obvious” or “duplicate” passwords. • Auto Lock – Set Passwords Plus to lock after a specified time period to protect your data. • Templates included – Get started quickly with minimal data entry. • Categories & favorites – Customize categories and set favorites to easily find frequently used records. • Responsive sales and support teams in-house. Like/interact with Passwords Plus and DataViz on: -Facebook ( -Twitter ( -YouTube (