Patient management

OS X 10.9
The main function of the software is to register all existing patient records and to keep the corresponding register of patients’ admissions. It can be used in any hospital admission units which provide registration of their clients. The register of patient admissions of the current software is presented in two options – graphical and in tables. All records related to admission of patients can be entered into the register. If necessary, the graphical option allows selection of the required date, time and the doctor for an appointment without any difficulty. If the register in the form of tables is used, then all records can be sorted out or filtered. In any case, the current software will not only simplify keeping records of patients, but also speed up the process of request acceptance and other activities. To better understand how application of this software will simplify registration and keeping records of all patients, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the functions offered. All the entered records will have a definite status. This means that the mark “reserved” will inform you that a certain record about the appointment is created. The mark “done” can be used if the patient comes to the appointment, and “cancelled” in the case of appointment cancellation. If necessary, the reason of such absence can be specified. There is no doubt that with the help of the software it will be easy to register the process of patients’ appearances in the clinic. In addition, in case of any misunderstanding it will become possible to check all the required data very quickly. The presence of all data always helps to fully understand the situation of the moment, which in such case will be resolved more easily. Thanks to this software, the process of keeping patient records is simplified. Personal data (full name, date of birth, etc.) or contact details of patients can be stored. It will be possible to introduce additional fields at one’s sole discretion and according to one’s needs; data about medical insurance held; a list of all illnesses which the patient has had during his life; existing and set diagnoses; a list of performed diagnostic activities. It is very convenient to attach documents, such as photos, and keep records of all provided services as lists. There will be no more trouble with calculation of amounts to be paid for the services provided to patients, everything will be done automatically. This also concerns the marks of keeping bill payment records. The function of keeping a catalogue of services to be provided makes it possible to see not just a list of them, but also to add them to bills. If necessary, every bill can be generated from the lists of services which have not been paid yet in patient records. Using the software will provide an opportunity to create appointment records for all the doctors who work in the clinic. The list of doctors can be unlimited. Furthermore, there are different statistics created, allowing you to look through the diagrams of change in the number of patients, in all records for the past 12 months, diagnoses set during the specified period (as a pie chart), possible complaints of clients during the specified period (as a pie chart) as well as diagrams with all revenues received for the services provided. There is a very convenient function of storing data entered in rows. This means that when the values are to be entered for the second time, they can be easily selected from the list provided. You can be sure that working with the current software is simple. It is important to note that users do not need any special skills in computer operation. Thus, installation of such simple and efficient software will adjust and simplify the working process without any difficulty. You will also be able to constantly trace the immediate statistics of patient visits, their diagnoses, medical procedures performed and many other things.