PDF Joiner & Merger

OS X 10.11
Merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file. The application offers various customisations to merge the PDF files.For example : You could merge selected pages of a PDF with other PDF.You could also merge a range of pages of a PDF with other PDF. Apart from this, the entire PDF could be merged with the other PDF files as well. The application also supports Password protected PDF. This means that once you provide the password, the password protected PDF could be merged easily with other PDF files.The resulting PDF file will not ask for the password. Merging multiple PDF files help to reduce the clutter of PDF files. It also helps to organise the similar topics, novels, pages from books, study topics or the project documentations together. Using the application, you could have your own collection of various categorized PDF. You could combine and keep all of your favourite books, titles, topics or notes together.This will help to find and share these materials easily whenever required.This also simplifies managing PDF files. In order to merge the PDF files, just drag and drop them to the application.After you add the PDF files, their merging order could be adjusted using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons. The application comes with its inbuilt PDF previewer.Using this, you could directly preview the PDF files that are added to the application.The previewer also previews the password protected PDF files. The below optional settings could be adjusted for each and every PDF separately as well : a) Password : Provide a password if applicable b) Page Range : Provide a range of pages if required.For example pages from 1 to 10 c) Random Pages : Provide a comma separated values of pages from PDF. For example : You could specify random page numbers like 1,3,5,7,9,42,95 If you want to consider all pages for merging, please check the checkbox named "Merge all pages for the selected PDF". Once all settings are made, please save these settings.Different settings of page numbers and passwords could be saved for each PDF separately. The application supports batch processing.This means that you could merge even hundreds of PDF files into one PDF.In order to merge the PDF files, just select them and specify the output file's name.After this, please press on "Merge Selected" button.The application will merge them and create a merged PDF file in the specified folder.